Weight Management

“We pride ourselves on personal service”

Katy - Personal Trainer

Katy – Personal Trainer

10 reasons to choose exercise :

  1. To be the trend setter in the family
  2. To make your partner think ‘wow’
  3. To make new friendships
  4. To keep up with your kids
  5. To be the envy of your friends
  6. To look in the mirror and like what you see
  7. To take time just for yourself
  8. To help you achieve your dreams
  9. To learn to laugh off stress
  10. To have a good excuse to go clothes shopping!

For a free Body-Mass Index (BMI) calculation, please click here (to view in a new window).

Body fat, weight & composition analysis

State of the art BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) tester to :

  • Calculate muscle mass
  • Calculate body fat %
  • Test total body water
  • Calculate metabolic rate, setting limits for daily intake
  • Calculate BMI

Regular tests will show how your body is improving.

Fitness test & consultation included in membership

This personal analysis shows :

  • VO2 max – to determine the efficiency of heart and lungs
  • Body Fat (as above)
  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate – a good indicator of general fitness
  • Flexibility – as this improves exercise becomes easier and injury is reduced.

Change of fitness programme

By changing your programme you will remain motivated to increase your fitness levels or to reach your targets for weight loss, muscle strength or muscle tone.

We can advise you on changing exercise routines, introducing a wider variety of machines, to make you fitter and stronger.