Meet The Team

Tony Cawthorn

Owner of Hunmanby Hall who designed and built our 9-hole par 4 golf course.
“. . .probably the best 9 hole golf course in the area. . .”

Karen Cawthorn

Owner of Hunmanby Hall and manager of the holiday cottages.

Katy Cawthorn

BA (Hons) Sport & Leisure Studies. National Junior Tennis player. DCA Lawn Tennis Coach, specialising in instruction for spinning, circuits, power plate, power yoga, gym and ti-chi. Katy is available for Personal training throughout the day, fitness tests, programmes & continuing with many classes.


Jo is available for fitness tests, programmes & personal training.  She takes gym circuits, bootcamp, netfit, bodypump, kettlebells & spinning.


Steph is our fitcross instructor & membership manager.


kettlesize provides an intense whole body workout in a fun, controlled environment. I felt the difference after one session and woke up muscles I don’t think I have ever used!

Amanda busy mum of 2 active boys

I love Kettlecise! Ever since I started I can really feel my body changing shape! It’s hard work but worth it!

Dawn Capell

At last an exercise class that I enjoy! After many years I found a class that burns fat and tones without leaping around, so no unnecessary strain on knees and ankles. A ‘full on’ 60 minute work-out that will make you sweat, Mairi keeps you going with minute by minute breakdowns of the routine and your progress. A truly great way to lose those inches, I noticed real results in only a few weeks. Suitable for all abilities but as always Mairi offers different levels of each exercise to ensure everyone is getting the best out of their session. First rate! I would recommend KETTLERCISE to everyone

Coming soon

Watch this space for any new equipment/classes.

Suspension training

Tightens the core more far effectively than the bog-standard elbow-to-knee crunch. It also improves functional strength, balance and flexibility.

How does it all work?

Adjustable straps, a pulley system and stirrups/handles for the feet or hands that provide a punishing workout with a tweak of the straps and your body position, and letting gravity do the rest.

Whats so good about it?

Stomach muscles were harder and my posture was significantly better. And it was fun too. There are multiple variations of basic exercises such as squats and push-ups, as well as ridiculously tough planks and suspension exercises to work through. You can focus on strength or flexibility, or put exercises together in a sequence with short breaks for more of a cardio workout.