When my G.P. told me I would always have painful back problems unless I did something about my core-stability, I didn’t even know what he meant but trying to find out took me to Hunmanby Hall Gym and eventually to personal training with Katy.
The benefits have been outstanding:
* No return to any kind of painful lower back problem;
* ‘Tendonitis’ in the shoulder was accurately identified as ‘nerve damage’ and Katy’s programme of exercises has made this virtually a memory;
* Confident participation in all the classes offered by the gym and uninhibited use of all gym equipment…
………..all thanks to Katy.
Fortunately for me, Katy’s qualifications include ‘Exercise on Prescription’ so recently, when I collapsed with a perforated bowel, after my discharge from hospital, she visited me at home to support me in the return to health. She designed a programme to increase blood flow in the area of a deep wound and thus facilitate rapid healing; this has been remarked upon by medical practitioners. Moreover, throughout my operation and treatment, my consultant has reminded me that had I not been so fit when I collapsed, I would have died. That someone of such authority has remarked on the level of fitness of this ‘reluctant gym-bunny’ is high recommendation of Katy’s abilities as I have achieved this level without any true awareness of the good I was doing myself! Perhaps this is because the programmes we do together are pacy and varied so I am never bored with mindless repetition; or perhaps it’s because she has a terrific sense of humour and we laugh so much; or even because, at times, we can put the world to rights……..
Would I recommend Katy?…….You bet I would……. and do!!!!
[Diane Sainter B.Ed, M.Ed]